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My novel

Hi there I'm new here:)

Well in my journal I'm posting my novel which I still didn't finish and it takes some time to post it because I write it in my language and before posting I have to translate it to english. But still I would like to gain some readers so I'm doing some "advertisement" here:) I'll post here some information about my novel and post the direct link to the first part. So if there is someone who is interested, you should leave some coments at my journal:)
So here are the information about my novel:

Title: sorry it doesn't have it yet:)
Author: greenanny / H.A. / andreja1989 (there are all my nicknames:D)
Story: is told by a woman (Mabel) and a man (Gail). there are times where someone ends telling the story and the other one continues it. Bouth tell about their lives.
Content: It happens at some time (is not told) somewhere in the past, undefined place. The country is divided in four smaller parts/countries (which together seem like an island). All parts have its ruler which mostly have great relationships. But relationship between the northern and western countries are bad and have a lot of conflicts.
Mabel Dawn lives in a small vilage, Dara, that lies in western country but is on the border with the northern country. One day, her vilage is attacked by soldiers from northern country, some villagers, even Mabel and her childhood friend Naja, are taken to the northern country, to the city Ranae, leaving her village burned to the grounds. What awaits Mabel in this different country. The ruler Ulric Laken and his son Gail? New friendships? Unhappyness? Discrimination? More conflicts? Revealed truths about her, rulers wife and about the conflicts between bouth contries? Or maybe attraction to the rulers son, Gail?
I hope there is someone who is interested:) here is the link to the first part (like I promised):
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