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Hi! Nice to meet you and may I please have some opinions?

Hi, my name's Meredith. I'm a freshman at Mount Holyoke College, and I've been reading and writing stories for as long as I can remember. I've always come up with ideas and story lines, and at least half the time they're pretty good. I recently abandoned a project that I had been working on since middle school after I realized that I probably need a few years away from it before going back and trying to salvage it, because there is too much naivety and too many impossibilities in it that I probably won't be able to fix until I take a step back and gain some perspective and a few more years of experience in the ways of the world.

But, over the summer, I had a new idea for a different story and I'd very much like to hear the opinions, advice, and constructive criticism of anyone willing to take the time to read the ideas of a first year college student.

Here's a summary I kind of thought of when I was developing the idea:
When Mary was a young girl growing up on Martha's Vineyard, her mother warned that if she didn't want to end up a member of the Shipwrecked club she shouldn't marry a man who made his living on a boat. 20 years later Mary finds herself a single mother of one, her mother's sad "I told you so" ringing in her ears, as she sits among men and women with stories like hers; some with and some without hope that one day their loved ones will return to them.

The story is called Lost at Sea and it is set on Martha's Vineyard Island in Massachusetts and for those of you who have never heard of it or don't know much about it, it is a small island of the coast of Cape Cod, Mass. and it's a neighbor to Nantucket. Besides tourism and farming, a great deal of the island's economy comes from fishing, clamming, crabbing, lobstering, and any other kind of seafood/shellfish related occupation. Most of the just mentioned occupations take place on big giant boats like the ones on "Deadliest Catch". And despite the fact that most of these big fishing trawlers are for the most part safe and have updated safety features accidents like man overboard or shipwrecks do happen. That's where the idea came from. It centers around the protagonist Mary, who 2 months ago lost her husband of three years to one of these unfortunate and often tragic accidents (I haven't decided which yet), leaving her alone with an 18 month year old baby. Now, my idea is that on Martha's Vineyard there's a support group called the Shipwrecked club for widows and widowers, that is designed to help men and women whose spouses/significant others have been declared Lost at Sea, cope with their loss (I don't know if there's actually a group like this on MV but it would be awesome if there is). What I think I want to happen is that the story will follow Mary's journey after having the man she had married and loved torn away from her and their young daughter. I also want her to start healing and coping with the loss while interacting with the different members, especially the group's founder Heather who lost her husband back in the 70s. I also want to follow some of my other characters, many of whom have children, and how they've coped and maybe even have found new love.

May I please have some opinions or suggestions about what people think of this?
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