tam45 (tam45) wrote in first_thoughts,

Who really needs to take meds

I've been diganosed with several mental disorders and have been taking meds for years now and I really question some days who should really be the ones on meds.   These days it seems like sometimes the people I have to interact with when I do leave my comfort zone are either taking better meds than me or should be on their own meds.   I like to think of myself as excentric in my own small way but yet even that is a mild description of parts of my personality.   I enjoiy people watching cause it gives me a bit of sanity knowing that  there's really no "NORMAL" anymore.   Is anyone able to put a definition on what is "NORMAL; SANE" these days?  I think the only thing under those definitions these days is finally electing a president of different ethnithicy and legalizing medical marijuana!!!!!!
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