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My attempt at story-telling

I looked around myself, observing all of the different guests who had decided to come to the Masquerade. The girls wore their hair up in complicated buns and some wore their hair down with delicate curls. The dresses came in many shades: dark purples, bright pinks and rich reds. The men didn't look too shabby either. Some wore tap-hats, others wore tailcoats and tuxedos. And the masks! Oh, they came in so many different shapes in sizes. There was a large selection of drinks and food set up on long tables against the walls. They even had the massive chandeliers with crystals that shined, freshly polished, no doubt.

Suddenly, a slow classical piece began to play. Couples rushed to the dance floor, hand in hand. The scene before me strongly resembled hundreds of paint brushes of every color, painting their own, individual portraits. Dresses were swishing from side to side, the bottoms brushing against the smooth marble floor. I sighed in envy. I wish had a dance partner.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and gasped. The person who stood before me was a tall, dapper young man. His hair was a fiery shade of red, long and silky, held up in a ponytail. His eyes were stunning; a bright green that resembled emeralds. His mask was black, simple, only covering the top half of his face.

  "Excuse me miss. May I ask why such a lovely young lady is standing in the middle of the ball room, all by herself?"
  I flushed, embarrassed. "I don't have a dance partner."
  "I can fix that."

He put his hand on my waist and pulled me closer, leaving little space between us. He looked down at me, smiling warmly. I couldn't help but smile back as I placed my hand on his shoulder. The dance was slow at first. We swayed from side to side, our gazes locked. When the music began to pick up the pace, he did the same. Skip, turn, step, skip, turn, step. He took my hand and twirled me around, bringing me back in his arms again. Then, he placed both hands firmly on my waist and lifted me into the air as if I weighed nothing. I laughed gleefully. I was having so much fun! He put me back down and that was when the song ended.

  "Come, I want to take you someplace where we can be alone," he said as he took my hand, leading me through the crowd. My whole face grew hot at the word alone. I had never been alone with a man before. Where would he take me? He led me into a long, dimly lighted hallway. He stopped at one of the doors and pulled out a key from his pocket, unlocking it. He pushed the door open and stood to the side.
 "Ladies first."

I walked inside the room (also dimly lit), my heart, pounding furiously. In one swift movement, he stepped inside and locked the door. He walked towards me and I stepped backwards, my back hitting the door. He placed both hands beside my head.

  "What are you doing?" My voice came out small and faint. His face was inches away from mine.
  "I just wanted to get a closer look." He looked intensely into my eyes. "Take off your mask." I obeyed, too scared to say no. I reached behind my head, my hands, fumbling with the ribbon. Without warning, he untied the ribbon for me. The mask fell to the ground with a soft thud.

Man's Point of View:

Her eyes were ample: a warm, dark brown. Her eyelashes were long, black feathers, casting shadows upon her cheeks. I looked down at her lips. They were full and they looked...soft. I could hardly keep still any longer. I wanted to kiss her right there.

  "Aren't you going to take off yours?" she said, almost hopeful.
  I chuckled, already taking it off. "Of course." The mask fell at my feet.
  She stared, her cheeks turning rosy. "Tell me your name."
  I smiled at her sudden interest. "Gage. Gage Harmon. And what would yours be?"
  She looked to the side, flustered. "Love. Love Goodman."
  I smiled. "It suits you."

Her face was getting redder by the second. I grasped her chin and titled it upward, forcing her to look at me.

Love's Point of View:

I gasped at the sudden gesture. His face was so close I could feel his breath. My heart was beating so fast, I wondered if he could hear it. He ran his thumb over my lips, causing them to slightly part. I shivered.

  “Love…” His voice was low and smooth like honey.
  I thought I might melt. “Yes?”
  He smirked. “You look really cute when you blush.”

He pressed his lips against mine. My eyes widened with surprise. It was so light and soft, I’m not sure if I could really call it a kiss. He pulled back, looking for a reaction. I put my fingers to my lips.

  “My first kiss…” He leaned forward and kissed me again. “One more,” I said. He kissed me again. “One more.” Again. “One more…” That time, the kiss was deep and passionate. I closed my eyes, losing myself in the endless warmth.
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